Wait, what?

Saturday night was our big debut. The house was packed. The cast and crew were ready. The director and playwright had no nails left to chew on.

But would the play deliver? Would all the hard work and devotion amount to an entertaining, enlightening ride? Or…would people be politely disappointed? Or…worse. Would they hate it?

After all, the play talks about race, mysogyny, and the darker side of our national pastime, i.e. television. And also, baseball. No one holds back. The swear jar is full, as is the opinion bin. There is plenty to offend, no matter who you are.

Guess what? The audience went wild. They gave the actors a STANDING OVATION. The house was full of laughter and whoops of glee.

(Whew. Just…whew.)

The best part is, we get to do it all again, and again, five days a week until December 23. If you haven’t gotten your tickets yet, we hope you will (link above).